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     Welcome to Caliph Group Website 

    "The Caliph Group was established to be 
    the preferred leader in the 
    financial planning services industry"

    Caliph – the precise meaning being ‘representative’, one who is ascribed with qualities of ‘leadership and authority’, 
    we believe that our contributions and goals will be attainable and fulfilled through the Caliph Group organization.

    We are multi-ethnic and multi-racial collection of professionals servicing the financial planning services industry via

     AIA Public Takaful Berhad
     MAAKL Mutual Berhad
     OSK Trustees Berhad

    Our network partners are very well established niche players in the financial services sector industry and are extremely dedicated to help us help you protect your wealth, accumulate your wealth, and distribute your wealth.

    Why You Should Join MAAKL Mutual?

    AIA iPoS on an iPad, First-In-Market Technology